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ITovation is a series of seminars for PhD-students, researchers and students focusing on innovation, creativity and improvisation.

Coining the term "ITovation" Definition as proposed by Tore R. Jørgensen:
"ITovation": Innovation involving exploitation of information technologies (IT); processes for utilizing IT for improvements and change.

In Norwegian:
"ITovasjon": Innovasjon som inkluderer utnytting av informasjonsteknologi. Prosess for utnytting av informasjonsteknologi til nyskaping og forandring.

Description of the ITovation concept:

  • Speeches by industry experts on innovation
  • Presentation of innovative PhD-projects from NTNU
  • Improvisation through music
  • Electronic art performance
  • Creative foods and drinks
  • Networking
  • Online streaming to Internet and mobile

ITovation is hosted by Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering and NTNU VIDERE at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Programme working group:

Tore R. Jørgensen+47 73 59 80
Bjørn Alterhaug+47 73 59 65
Letizia Jaccheri+47 73 59 34
Anders Aune+47 73 55 11
Camilla Prytz+47 73 55 02
Wenche Aarseth+47 73 59 38
Ragna Ann Berge+47 73 55 11



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