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ITovation April 27, 2010 (part 1, part 2) itovation 27 April 2010 - speakers and musicians

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   by Chairman Johan E. Hustad,
   Pro-Rector for Innovation and External Relations, NTNU

Jazz performance
   Rehearsal band comprised of:
   electric bass players Dan Peter Sundland and Aleksander Gifstad,
   NTNU’s Jazz Performance Programme
   Kenneth Kapstad, drummer Motorpsycho

The Antarctic Adventurers. In the footsteps of Amundsen
   by Explorer Liv Arnesen

ICT for a green future
   by Per-Anders Enkvist
   No available video

Navigating Neural Landscapes
   by PhD Tor Kirkesola and Hanne Stensland, Centre for the biology of memory

Jazz performance
   NTNU’s Jazz Performance Programme
   Anja Lauvdal, piano, Elsa Bergman, bass and Magnús Trygvason Eliassen, drums

ITovation - April 27 2010 - program and general information

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