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   Letizia Jaccheri, Professor, Department of Computer and Information Science

Play that machine! Art, fun and IT – from the historians chronicles
   Ola Nordal, Researcher, Department of Computer and Information Science

Serious games as a tool for learning and understanding
   Erik Harg, CEO, TerraVision, a recent spin-off from NTNU

Into our hearts and veins!
   Smart microsystems for diagnostic ultrasound imaging.
   Sigrid Berg, PhD-student and Hanne Hanne Martinussen, PhD-student,
   Department of Electronics and Telecommunications

Innovative guitar work
   Andreas Aase, Phd-student, Department of Music, NTNU

The Living Wall becomes Open Wall, Announcement of competition
   Espen Gangvik, Project Manager, TEKS Trondheim Center of Electonic Arts,
   Bjarne H. Muri, Student organization Online

From NTNU to global ARM leaders– the story behind
   Mario Blazevic, one of the 4 founders of the company Falanx Microsystems that
   was acquired by ARM Inc. in June 2006.

Graphics and Open standards – possibilities for innovation
   Dave Shreiner, Author and Specialist on Open GL and Graphics, ARM

Musical performance in cooperation with Trondheim World Music Ensemble: "Grass roots globalisation" – Gambian- Norwegian fusion, featuring singers and dancers
   Laliya Faye and Gilleh Marr, Ingeborg Brun and Anne Grete Nyhaug

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