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Welcome to ITovasjon at NTNU
   Rector Torbjørn Digernes, NTNU

High technology in the willow whistle — thoughts and demonstration
   Professor Ola Kai Ledang, Department of Music, NTNU

How IBM became a global leader through innovation and commercialisation
   Executive Vice President for Innovation and Technology Nicholas M. Donofrio, IBM, USA

ImproSculpt – Musical improvisation with computers
   PhD Research Fellow Øyvind Brandtsegg, Department of Music, NTNU

From new ideas to reality
   Karl Klingsheim, Managing Director, NTNU Technology Transfer AS

An idea that became reality
   Gisle Grimen, Inventor, and Gisle Østereng, Founder and CEO
   Secustream Technologies AS

Innovative local food
   Chef Inge Johnsen, Sans og Samling AS

   Associate Professor John Pål Inderberg (saxophone) and
   Professor Bjørn Alterhaug (bass), Department of Music, NTNU

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