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ITovation - October 22 2008


Itovation 3 Poster

When: 22 October 2008, 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Where: Auditorium EL5, Electrical Engeneering Building, Gløshaugen, NTNU.
Chairman: Kjell Bratbergsengen, Head, Department of Computer and Information Science

Rector Torbjørn Digernes, NTNU and John Markus Lervik, FAST invite you to ITovation in:
English, Finnish, Dutch, Norwegian, Chinese
3:15 pm
Michael Duch (bass) and the Open Wall welcome you to ITovation 3 at NTNU
Michael Duch is PhD-student at Department of Music
Open Wall ITovation Competition
Letizia Jaccheri, professor, Department of Computer and Information Science
Anne Marthe Dyvi will present her winning concept
The FAST lane from NTNU to Microsoft
John Markus Lervik CEO of FAST, A Microsoft Subsidiary
Corporate Vice President of the Microsoft Enterprise Search Group
Music as add-on
Eirik Lian Advisor, Marketing & Branding, NTNU Information Division
TV and ITovation to your mobile in Wireless Trondheim
Peder Drege Managing Director, Adactus
Open Wall ITovation Competition
Lars Flem, Student, NTNU Jack Rees, Architect, Kansas City, USA
Learning in 3D
Ekaterina Prasolova-Førland Associate Professor, Program for Learning with ICT, NTNU
Rethinking Innovation
Jacob Jaskov, Researcher, Laboranova, Danish School of Education
FAST on the Future of Search
Krister Mikalsen, Senior Director, Product Development Questions and discussion on FAST past and future
6:15 pm
Gathering: Creative food, wine, friends and Tangoting
7:15 pm
Bus departure for Technoport Awards, Olavshallen Separate ticket is required. Please order when signing up for ITovation
8:00 pm
Technoport Awards in Olavshallen
Among the awards to be handed out is the NTNU and Sintef’s Technology Prize

Main contribution at ITovation 3: FAST, A Microsoft® Subsidiary
We are scratching the surface of a large transformation where search is emerging as the key technology to drive user experiences and disruptive business models. Search is changing the way people interact with information, people, and applications. This is happening both online and inside corporate portals, as well as in-the-cloud computing. After being acquired by Microsoft this spring, FAST now heads Microsoft’s search strategy and the new product line Enterprise Search. Headquartered in Oslo and led by FASTs founder, John M. Lervik, Microsoft Enterprise Search Group has ca 900 employees with around one third of them working out of Norway. The new global Microsoft group is the result of the merger of FAST and Microsoft’s enterprise search team.

Noen ord om selskapet bak hovedpresentasjonen på ITovation 3.

FAST skaper søketeknologien som er bak teppet hos de best kjente selskapene i verden med de mest krevende søkebehov.

FAST så dagens lys i 1997, og vokste raskt til å bli det største norske programvareselskapet notert på Oslo Børs. Våren 2008 kjøpte Microsoft FAST for syv milliarder kroner. Microsofts søketeknologigruppe er nå innlemmet i FAST og inngår i den nye Microsoft-enheten Enterprise Search Group.

Microsofts satsning på søketeknologi ledes ut fra Norge av FASTs grunnlegger John M. Lervik. Enterprise Search Group har ansvaret både for Microsofts overordnede strategi innenfor søketeknologi og den nye produktlinjen Enterprise Search. Informasjon i pressen. Innslag i Dagsrevyen.

From a software development perspective, search provides both deep and broad challenges across usability, interaction models, mathematical relevance models, algorithmic beauty, distributed computing, and large-scale professional software engineering.

John M. Lervik will discuss this transformation in the light of FAST’s history and our future as a Microsoft subsidiary. We will also demonstrate implementation of future search technology.

The Open Wall ITovation competition

Winners of the main competition:

  1. Anne Marthe Dyvi
  2. Steve Furterfield, and Patrick Marcus
  3. Jack Rees, Stand Fernand, and Terry Frederick

Winners of the student competition:

  • Fulvio D’Antonio
  • Lars K. Flem (IDI student)
  • Emil Khoury

The Open Wall ITovation competition received 19 submissions, of which 6 were students. We mention 2 participants from Berlin, one from Bangkok, 2 from Italy, 5 from USA and 2 from Sweden. The winners were awarded during Trondheim MatchMaking. Presentations of the winners during ITovation 3.

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