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ITovation - April 27 2010: LIVE YOUR DREAM!


Part one, 1-2:15 pm:

WelcomeChairman Johan E. Hustad, Pro-Rector for Innovation and External Relations, NTNU
Jazz PerformanceRehearsal band comprised of electric bass players Dan Peter Sundland and Aleksander Gifstad, NTNU’s Jazz Performance Programme and Kenneth Kapstad, drummer Motorpsycho
The Paradox of Educating the Self-TaughtErling Aksdal, jazz pianist and composer, Department of Music
The Antarctic Adventurers. In the footsteps of AmundsenExplorer Liv Arnesen

2:15 pm: Break with exotic food and drinks

Part two: 3-4:15 pm

ICT for a green futurePer-Anders Enkvist, Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company
Navigating Neural LandscapesPhD Tor Kirkesola and Hanne Stensland, Centre for the biology of memory
Jazz PerformanceNTNU’s Jazz Performance Programme;
A trio featuring Anja Lauvdal, piano, Elsa Bergman, bass
and Magnús Trygvason Eliassen, drums

LIVE YOUR DREAM is over, with more than 150 participants, interesting speaches and jazz performances we are very satisfied. No ashes from Iceland to keep the speakers from getting to Trondheim, either.

The programme committee says thank you to all the contributors for making this a succesful event. And thanks to Dokkhuset, we really hope to be able to use Dokkhuset again for upcoming ITovation events.

You can watch the event “LIVE YOUR DREAM” on video, and go directly to the speeches you are most interested in.

ITovation-event LIVE YOUR DREAM!

Tuesday April 27th, 1-4:15 pm at Dokkhuset, Trondheim.
Whether you're an explorer, a researcher or a jazz musician, it takes a lot of hard work and talent to succeed. The next ITovation event presents the different ways that people have gone about living their dreams.

The Norwegian polar explorer Liv Arnesen found her dream of skiing to the South Pole as a twelve-year-old girl,when she read a children’s book about Roald Amundsen’s historic journey there. NTNU brain researchers Tor Kirkesola and his colleague Hanne Stensland have found their dreams exploring the workings of the human brain and its complex neural landscape. And while the world dreams of a green future, McKinsey and Company are doing their part to turn dreams into reality with their efforts to develop green ICT.

If genius is “one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration,” as Thomas Edison famously quipped, what does that say about the sweat and hard work needed to pursue your passion? The ITovation seminar on April 27th explores the theme of living your dreams through a series of lectures and musical performances.

Arnesen, Kirkesola and Stensland will be joined by Per-Anders Enkvist from McKinsey and Company, and Erling Aksdal from the Department of Music, who will talk about teaching jazz improvisation. What is most interesting in jazz improvisational activity, is the interactive aspects of group acting. The creative forces are unfolding here and now, in the course of performance, where history and future are combined. This kind of real time acting opens up for the creating of new ideas and insight based on the intuitive senses and forces that activate the whole body. As such jazz improvisation might have relevance in other contexts than music.

The event also features other jazz musicians from the NTNU’s Jazz Performance Programme, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Kenneth Kapstad, the drummer from Motorpsycho, will make a special musical appearance.

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